Friday, April 2, 2010

Dyngus Day Celebration

After possibly the best night of flipcup choreographed celebratory dances ever, I stay awake to speak of a great tradition that will soon be upon us. No, not Easter, but Dyngus day.

Have you heard of dyngus day ever? i have not. i just heard about it a few days ago. apparently it is a polish event celebrated the monday after easter. i don't know the gory details, but it involves girls throwing water onto the guys, and guys (here's the part that got my attention) get to hit the girls with sticks!

While i do not condone domestic violence, i applaud this tradition of juvenile behavior. after all, the fact that it's a tradition holds up in court, right? i mean, that's how native americans can still hunt whales. Also, being anti-girls makes this the best anti-girl celebration of the year, since there are no other anti-girl holidays. by the way, we must rectify this blatant oversight...

So while i do not want to overlook the significance of easter (and it's corresponding, kick ass celebration), i wish you all the best dyngus day. on that day, may you speak softly and carry a big stick.

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