Friday, March 26, 2010

May the Light guide you always!

What ho, stranger! Gather round and listen! I have gathered an epic party to perform heroic deeds in the magical kingdom of Du Lac. This fellowship is certainly capable of mighty deeds and our endeavors shall certainly never falter. One, known only as The Looks, is a dashing rogue. Many a maiden has fallen for his charm and his guile is second to none: even known to disarm charging beasts like the mighty rhino. The Wildcard is a warrior of great strength and physical skill. He is also known for his great appetite. A great Band once challenged him to a competition to consume the most sea creatures at one of the most noble taverns in Du Lac. Surely, it should come as no surprise that the Wildcard was able to defeat such a mean opponent. The Brains is perhaps the most legendary Runemaster of our time. Always known for his keen intellect and decisiveness, the Brains will never struggle to seal the deal. Ever. Finally, we have a fine druid in our party, who's name escapes me. In tune with the nature of Du Lac, he has been able to attract many fine nymphs to the kingdom. Although his time in Du Lac nears an end, the population of beautiful fairies has reached a peak. Here are my mighty companions:

I find myself merely grateful to keep such company as this. Was there ever so noble a group as this? The Bards (those spoony folk) of future generations will surely raise their voices, recounting the tales of our epic awesomeness. While the direction of our most epic of crusades is never quite clear, so long as our intents are pure, then our achievements and their retelling must be greatness. But we must be cautious always, for those mean in countenance always seek to lead us astray from the path of the Light:

Let us ride forth together, this part of five, and perform great deeds!

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